Building a better digital world 

Devtastic develops software on sustainable, European infrastructure. Less Big Tech, more privacy.

What we do

We build sustainable digital products

Our mission is to make independent software, free from Big Tech. For everyone.


Every websites deserves to be seen. Devtastic builds a new generation of websites with Strapi and Next.js.


We build apps for all devices with Expo, React and Electron.


Devtastic develops powerful APIs for your websites and apps or as micro-services. We are a big fan of Django and NestJS.

Cloud infrastructuur

Devtastic can set up and maintain your cloud infrastructure on Scaleway and Clever Cloud.
How we do that

Together we can make a change

That's why we work together with sustainable companies that value privacy.

Privacy from the start

We develop our software with an eye on privacy from the first byte on. That's how we get software that is GDPR-compliant and does not unnecessary violate the privacy of your users.

Digital sovereignty

Wij bouwen onze producten op Europese cloudplatforms en geven data niet onnodig uit handen. We hosten veel diensten zelf, op servers binnen de EU. We build our products on European cloud platforms and don't give away data unnecessary. We host many services ourselves, on servers within the EU.

Sustainable development

All datacenters that we use are efficient with energy and water, and run on renewable energy.

Let's work together

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